Terms of delivery: 


  1. Orders are definitely writed after return of the signed order of van Aart nurseries. If an order is not returned signed by the customer within 10 days the order will be cancelled by van Aart nurseries.
  2. By signing the order, the customer declares to have seen our delivery conditions and to agree with our delivery conditions.
  3. Prices are excl. transportation costs. If van Aart nurseries arranges the transportation by third parties, the transportation costs will be charged directly to the customer.
  4. Definite orders can only be cancelled in consultation with van Aart nurseries. If the ordered plants are already grown, van Aart nurseries shall try to sell the plants to a third customer during the delivery period as mentioned in the order. If this does not succeed, 50% of the total amount will be charged to the customer. If plants are grafted especially on order it is not possible to cancel the order. This applies to all conifers. They are only grafted on demand.
  5. Delivery will be done on demand during the period confirmed in the order. We apply the following delivery periods:
    • Spring: Delivered before the 15th of June from the year as mentioned in the order, as of the date mentioned in the order.
    • Summer: Delivery before the 31st of August from the year as mentioned in the order.
    • Autumn: Delivery from the 15th of October until the 15th of January from the following year mentioned in the order.
  6. If the plants are not demanded on time we contact the customer. The customer has 5 days to respond. After 5 days van Aart nurseries has the right to deliver the plants by any carrier of their choice. Costs of transportation will be charged directly to the customer.
  7. We are not responsible if we cannot deliver the order completely due to a low plant percent of the grafted plants, or the availability of grafts.
  8. If possible plants can be grown for a longer period of time at our nursery. The extra costs will be charged to the customer. If necessary plants will be put in a bigger container. Costs for delivery in a next period are 10% of the amount of the order. Costs to repot the plants are depending on the size of the container and binding materials.
    Claim because of defect:
  9. A claim because of defect plants is only accepted with a relevant written motivation of the notice of defect by fax, mail or letter.
    Claims because of defects within 10 days after delivery.
  10. Plants that are send back without written motivation of the notice of defect will not be credited.
  11. If van Aart nurseries accepts the claim, the costs of transportation to send the plants back will be for account of van Aart nurseries.
  12. Payment within 30 days net after date of invoice. No cash discount.

  13. Other conditions in accordance with trading conditions plants nurseries Netherlands 2008 (HBN 2008). http://www.nbvb.nl/downloads/custompages/oP9hqzextCKWohm9.pdf